Our Vision

Sumatran Rhinoceros.  Status: Critically Endangered
Sumatran Rhinoceros.
Status: Critically Endangered

To lead collective funding to solve the world’s critical conservation projects.

Have you ever been harassed in the street by a charity? Did you hurry past, or did they guilt you into hearing their depressing pitch? Did you awkwardly rummage for some change under pressure, or did they require a subscription? It’s not a very positive or empowering experience, is it? Worse, individual charities rarely raise enough to actually solve their specific problem anyway, and a disconcerting amount is always absorbed by management.

Conservation United is a little different. Rather than ever-chasing funds for a specific niche cause, we collect affordable, online donations (even just $1) from around the world, and place 100% (yes, all of it) in the centre of our virtual “Round Table”, around which leading conservation organisations gather.

Tasmanian Devil Status: Endangered
Tasmanian Devil.
Status: Endangered
Each then put forward their most critical, financially-solvable project and collaboratively determine which project(s) will be fully-funded from the accumulated donations that round. Any leftover funds are saved for the next round – and none is absorbed by management.

Gifting these organisations the budget required to actually complete their projects, Conservation United then communicates their successes back to you, empowering you with the realisation that – finally – you are making a difference – species are being saved – and you deserve to feel good about it.

With our partner BankMecu waiving all fees and Visa and MasterCard granting us online credit card processing without any per-transaction fee (allowing us – in a world-first – to process even tiny donations) as well as all but removing the 3% fee down to a historic 0.2%, Conservation United is creating a social movement of positively-inspired, affordable change.

Download our ‘Conservation Fund Rules & Guidelines‘.

Please help us grow!

It’s one of those things: With only ten people giving $1 a month, we’d only have $10 to give away. But with ten million people donating $1 every month, we’re able to regularly focus enough money at specific, genuinely-critical conservation projects that each suddenly become solvable. All for less than the cost of couple of cups of coffee per year.

Please do what you can to help us spread the word – especially in these early days! Of course please donate, but please also then share, tweet, email, sms, call your friends – whatever it is you do – and together we’ll form the world’s largest and most effective charity, and start repairing the world.