Our Volunteers

Perhaps you can help?

Right now, our two biggest needs are getting some excellent Ambassadors onboard (know anyone famous who might be kind enough to be an early supporter of the world’s newest, and perhaps one day largest charity?), as well as the first few Conservation Partners (know any well-known charities that might like free money?). It’s the pioneering first few of each that will be the hardest to find, then the rest will flow.

We also need as many hands on deck as possible to help get Conservation United up and running! If you’re skilled in web-designing (even just WordPress), marketing, fund raising, social media etc, or have contacts in the media, access to spread the word to large groups of people (even via your own social media channels), then please do get in touch – we’d really appreciate it!

We’d already like to thank Roger Chao, Hollie Newman and Adriana from Chroma Design Studio, Mickey Pascoe, and Erin Johnson for their help.